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YES, we said FREE! We’re so confident you’ll love your new website design that we’ll design you a FREE DESIGN MOCKUP for your website without any obligations AND FREE of charge.

If you like the design, we can draft your proposal and move forward with building Your NEW custom website. If not, no worries. The design is FREE to you and no paperwork will be involved.

Check and see if “the other guys” will do that.

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The Sign Guy

ClickAVL and I connected a few years back as a referral from one of their existing clients. In consultation, they informed me my website was not mobile friendly and offered to revamp it.

Today, with ClickAVL’s help, I consider my website as my main source of new biz along with my client base. In fact, due to the volume of traffic, have had to refer or limit some new contacts… which is saying something in the high competition of biz these days.

I value their expertise, experience, and excellence in website design and maintenance. It was a herculean task to untangle the former website and establish a new user-friendly site which generates many kudos, as well as, great quality traffic which is the real goal.

Bob Potter


We’ll work closely with you to translate your message or brand into a highly intuitive, responsive mobile-friendly website that’s optimized to feed search engines what they crave and provide results you need for online success. Your new website marketing powerhouse will be the driving force that will bring you more potential clients that will want to come back again and again. All designed and built using the latest best practices and online technologies.

We’re not limited to developing exclusively for WordPress (“like the other guys”) using “cookie cutter themes”. ClickAVL can custom develop based around *your* needs using WordPress (Linux), Orchard CMS, and/or Microsoft’s ASP.NET application framework.

Organic SEO

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. You can have the best-looking website in the world but what good is it if nobody can find it? None! SEO gets you the traffic you need to drive your business using the “free”, “organic” or “natural” search results from search engines.

This is a service we highly recommend to any client whether they have an existing website or want to start from scratch.

Digital Marketing

Organic SEO is one of the single most important components of any businesses branding efforts and online presence, but it can sometimes take months before real results are seen.

Digital Marketing Channels (E.g. marketing via social media, email campaigns, etc.) can provide results much faster. We’ll manage, monitor and interact with current and/or potential clients to help further promote your brands’ awareness and reputation.


Designer Maid

Our working relationship with Kyle Lanning started in 2013 when he built our new website. Our website has evolved into the basis for all of our advertising campaigns. Kyle’s company (ClickAVL), monitors, amends, corrects, optimizes, updates ad words and updates our Blog. All of these key elements have greatly contributed to our success. New customers contact our Company every week; these new customers already “know us” because of our website.

Kyle IS a Strategic Partner in our success.

Many individuals and businesses have solicited our Company with “promises” of how “they can grow our business”.

We are loyal to Kyle because HE DELIVERS!

Michael & Shirley Wells